The Yuriy Shichalin's Museum Graeco-Latinum (MGL), established in September of 1990, specializes in educational and publishing activities.

In October, 1990 MGL's Courses in ancient languages started. In 1991 the MGL's Publishing house issued its first book, the Greek-Russian Dictionary by Alexander Weisman. In 1993 the Classical School under MGL was inaugurated, in 1999 – the Primary school opened. Since 2000 divine services have been regularly celebrated in school Chapel of the Three Holy Hierarchs.

The section Our Library on the www.mgl.ru web-site offers materials for the students of the MGL's educational institutions, as well as for the scholars at other institutions with which The Museum and the Classical School collaborate. The structure of the section is following:

MGL`s Books. Here we give information on the issued books and on the books to be published. In time, according to our plans, the bulk of the MGL's books (entire texts or most representative excerpts) will be available here in DOC format.

Authors and texts and Textbooks and teaching aids. These subsections are intended for the Classical School 's pupils as well as for students of the MGL's linguistic Courses and of educational institutions with which we collaborate, such as the Moscow State University, the St. Tikhon's Orthodox University, The Moscow Theological Academy etc.

Dossier. In this subsection MGL represents materials for courses, which we still working at and which require further investigation and researches. We offer here some initial data (for instance, a Greek text, its Russian and (or) English translations, list of references) which we're going to amplify ourselves. But also we expect that an interested reader, specialized in the subject, will help us to accumulate necessary information for some or other dossier.

Photo Gallery contains visual information on our school life, our journeys and on other events taking place in MGL and its educational structures. Also here visual materials for specific courses will be represented, in the first place – for the History of Arts course.