About Classical School

The MGL's Classical School was inaugurated on September 1, 1993 with a prayer in the Saviour Cathedral of the Zaikonospassky monastery, which used to be home to the Slavic Greek Latin Academy. The Classical School has been nationally accredited and works under license from the Moscow Committee for Education.

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We aspire to revive in Moscow a traditional for Russia (in the late XIX – early XX centuries) type of a conservative educational institution. The Classical School in its activities also takes into account the wide and centuries-old experience of the European classical education. Our educational program aims at fostering harmonious development of the pupils so that they would be able to cope with any higher school program and be ready for fructiferous and constructive work.

The education is based upon three groups of disciplines: 1) ancient and modern languages, 2) mathematics and natural sciences, 3) God's Law (orthodox catechism).

The Catechism lessons are given by Orthodox priests with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexiy II. There's no confessional barrier to enter the Classical School, but parents' decision in favour of the MGL's Classical School implies a responsible attitude to its basic rules.

At Catechism lessons our pupils not only study the Holy Scripture, but also get acquainted with Old Church Slavonic language. Children's choir, with priest's blessing, participates in divine services.

The educational program pays serious attention to the Russian Literature and History lessons. Of modern languages English and French are obligatory, German is optional.

We attach special importance to formation of artistic taste in pupils. Within the mark of the History of Arts course children are taught to draw, they also learn plastic art and dancing. Beginning with the elementary school, they study history of music, sing Latin, French and English songs. At the end of each semester our scholars perform plays based on works by ancient and modern European authors (in Russian or in original languages), as well as on Russian classics. They regularly visit Moscow museums and also travel to historical centers of Russia, Greece, Italy and Germany.

The Classical school's pupils more than once won Moscow school competitions in mathematics, biology, history, Latin, French and English languages, declamation.

All our graduates entered various universities: Moscow State University (Faculties of Biology, Geography, Geology, History, of Mechanics and Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, Philology, Economics); Russian State University for the Humanities (Law Division, Division for History of Art), Moscow State University for International Affairs; Orthodox University of St. John the Theologian; Moscow Architectural Institute and others.

High quality of education in the Classical School is guaranteed by the professional efficiency of its teachers. Among them there are PhDs, specialized in philology, history, biology, physics and mathematics, members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professors of Moscow State University and other high schools.

In 2005 the MGL's Classical School joined the Pan-European Education Program – PEEP.

Preparatory class for those who aspire to enter the Classical School has been going since 1992. All children who want (in addition to school program) study Latin, geometry of Euclid, history of ancient world, history of arts, are welcomed. The only criterion for admission is the desire of a child to study disciplines we offer. The lessons are given twice a week. Children in the age of 9 and 10 are admitted (i.e., entering the final form of the elementary school). Those who succeeded while studying at Preparatory class are offered to continue education in the Classical School. Since 1997 groups intended to prepare children for entering the elementary school have been going.