PEEP–2013 “The education system: its history, the current state and the future”

On Saturday, November 9th, the participants of the “PEEP” project came to Moscow, among which there were participants from Hungary, Holland, Denmark and Romania. In total there were 20 students and 5 teachers.

Our school is represented by the 11th grade students supervised by Julia Vladimirovna Sitnikova and Marina Evgenyevna Klyagina. All the participants who arrived from abroad are hosted by the families of our students — it is a good opportunity for them to practice their English.

On Sunday the guests went on an overview trip around Moscow accompanied by Vitaliy Egorovich Suslenkov and on Monday the conference started.

The conference started with the greeting by the director, Elena Fyodorovna Shichalina, followed by the presentations by our students and students from Hungary and Denmark. After the break the students from Holland and Romania took over. After that the guests attended the Russian lesson and the Russian folk songs performance by the 11th grade students.

After lunch everyone went on an overview trip around Kremlin.

On Tuesday the students from Romania, Holland and Hungary gave their presentations on the conference topic “The education system: its history, the current state and the future”. On that day a 1-hour Danish lesson took place, followed by the team sports games, which were organized by our physical training teachers.

In the afternoon the participants visited the Pushkin museum. The guided tour through the Ancient Egyptian and Near East exhibits was given by Maria Sergeevna Medvedeva, researcher at the museum, who teaches art history in our school.

On Wednesday the presentations by the Danish and Russian students were given, and Romanian and Dutch lessons were held.

The school choir “Euphony” led by Tatjana Juryevna Klucheva performed for the guests.

After lunch the guests visited the Historical museum.